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Re: BuddyPress Multilingual



This is the best news jozik! We use WPML together with BuddyPress for our organization which is set up in Dutch and English. Through some creative hacking we manage to get WPML working, but only using the query approach ” ?lang=nl”. So the directory approach is much cleaner and really appreciated.

We also have created a quick little plugin called wpml-auto-settings which auto activates and configures the wpml plugin in the db for that newly created blog. The settings are hardcoded in the plugin atm. We needed this because our audience will not be able to enable plugins and configure wpml.

See our topic at your forums:

While our little plugin works, is this something that could be considered to be core in your plugin? That is that the settings set by the site-admin could be site-wide for newly created blogs?

Great job though…looking forward for more development.

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