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Re: BuddyPress Multilingual




1: yes

2: Are you referring to subblogs? BPML since 1.0.0 version is only active on main blog.

3: That is one of features left for future development. Personally, I don’t like auto detecting of languages.

4: WPML has ‘string translation’ API. Theme and plugin strings can be registered there and translated (WPML can scan theme for strings and allows you to translate them directly via WP.

@Mariusooms (Hi Mariusooms!)

That is good point. So you’re suggesting that in BP user’s option should be ‘default language’ setting?

I haven’t thought about this, but I guess there is some workout needed if user actually needs some language switching. And I also think that this can’t be done without using cookies (no matter how much I would like to avoid it).

@Erich73 (Hi Erich!)

I hope you can reach site. (it was down for a short while when I was switching it to new WPMU+BP)

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