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Re: BuddyPress Not Appearing in Plugins



Some further details:

OS X 10.6

Google Chrome used to visit and to select the zip file at the bottom of that page.

Archive Utility used to unzip the file.

I placed the BP files in a freshly downloaded local copy of MU 2.8.6, mostly in wp-content/plugins but with the two BP theme folders going into wp-content/themes.

Transmit used to SFTP the whole lot up to my server.

Terminal used to make permission changes.

The above steps have worked every time when using the current version of BP.

This time, however, the MU installation went smoothly but there was no sign of BuddyPress on the plugins page.

I double-checked that all the expected folder and files were in wp-content/plugins. I also copied them into mu-plugins, in case that made a difference … it didn’t.

IS IT THE CASE that the trunk can only be installed via SVN?

If so, why is the zip made available?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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