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Re: BuddyPress Not Appearing in Plugins



@nexia – Thanks for responding. I should clarify that the installation is on a remote server, I only mentioned my use of OS X 10.6 in case it was possible that unzipping the files there before uploading them might have caused some sort of weirdness.

@Brajesh – I have several instances of the stable release of buddypress running on the same server, under several different domains, no problems with any of them. The only difference this time is that I am using the buddypress trunk files rather than the stable files.

Thanks for clarifying that the trunk can be installed from the downloaded archive, I suspected that shouldn’t be a problem.

The use of a Mac to initially download the files before uploaded them to my CentOS/WHM server should be immaterial, unless doing so have so sort of affect upon the files as they pass through.

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