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Re: Buddypress on WordPress vs WordPress MU

Yes, I meant what techguy said. :) If the original OP{ was using extra plugins for BuddyPress that gathered and used information across the site/network/whatever, then *those* items may not work properly if he downgrades to single WP.

Because you know someone’s gonna have a BP install with every extra BP plugin out there installed, will downgrade from MU to WP, then come back here screaming that stuff broke. ;) I could also point to another thread where a user is wonder where the “recent siteiwde posts” widget is, but he’s running single WP not MU, so that’s why it doesn’t show up.

(tangent: some mu functions did get renamed in 3.0 but the current functions still exist. They are listed as deprecated though, so at some point plugins authors will need to catch up.

There’s also the fuzzy meaning of the word “features”. ;P )

And yes, waiting until 3.0 will make downgrading SO much easier…

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