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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update




I take it that you are using Elgg 0.9 or at least a pre-1.0 version of Elgg. The granularity of Elgg’s ACL system is brilliant but in my experience of running an Elgg system for two years ( is that most users do not grasp the power of this system and/or forget to use it when posting to their blog for example. In addition, it seems like most if not all of the access control system has been jettisoned with versions 1.0 although I notice that 1.6 has brought something similar back. But my conclusion is that from the user’s perspective the granularity of access control that elgg provides is over the top — much more comprehensible to have all postings to a group blog be only accessible by the group for example than to have to set access for each individual post. Does this make sense?

Thus it seems to me that Jeff’s conclusion “Offering privacy control on BuddyPress’ core component objects is more than sufficient.” would actually address 99% of what I might need for a college social networking system. Also I want to say that this development is very exciting and definitely encouraging me to move over to BuddyPress. Well done Jeff!

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