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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update



@markpea I am using 1.6.1 so I am not sure what was in or out of previous versions.

My understanding of the permissions system is it has both ‘general’ privacy settings on a per component basis, with the ability for granular override of any given object. Pretty much the best of both worlds. I can set my ‘overall preferences on an object set, and decide to override an individual object should I have the need to.

I can’t think of a single downside to having both systems in place with elgg. Complete privacy control is given to the user for every object, and since it’s in the core, any plugin can hook directly to the permission system to it’s extensible.

Your right, the system for elgg is absolutely brilliant and lightyears ahead of bp in this area. I found that on my network, once I showed everyone the power of granular permission control, that almost everyone started using it instantly. (I did a demo showing how my pages are completely different depending upon the viewers permissions and people loved it).

I would estimate that at least 80-85% of my members are using granular control in one fashion or another.


So, for instance as you suggest, at this stage a user will not be able to assign an individual image discrete access rights. Why? Because photos (album objects) are not part of BP’s current core.

My understanding of bp is nowhere near my level of understanding of how elgg operates, so I use that as a base for my comments. I’m guessing bp is similar in it’s approach.

In elgg, it makes no difference if ‘album objects, or any other object’ is part of the core or not when it comes to privacy. All objects have to pass through the authentication system before they are added to the given page. In fact I’m not even certain a plugin would function properly without passing through the authentication system first, never tried that.

I guess I just don’t understand why this type of system would not work in bp. Is the core really that flawed?

Still I’m glad to see that your tackling the permission system for bp. Imo bp is pretty much useless fodder without permissions.

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