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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update

Jeff Sayre


Seriously, though…

Although your cries may be fortuitous, they are in fact at the right time. I plan on releasing the first public beta of my BuddyPress Privacy Component late this Saturday. When it is up, I’ll Tweet about it (follow me @jeffsayre) and post the link here as well.

I plan on first providing it via my website. I will uploaded it to my WP Repo account next week when I return from my trip–and have had a chance to make a few more tweaks here and there. This also means that you will be on your own for a few days. That should be just enough time for everything to blow up.

Leave any feedback on the post on my website. As this plugin is designed around the default BP theme, if you have a custom theme, you may have to do some CSS tweaking. It should not be a big issue though.

Happy Week-After Thanksgiving!

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