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Re: Buddypress roles

Jeff Sayre


“For BP 1.3, we’re going to add current_user_can checks throughout so if someone wanted to add a capability to a certain role or user, they could.”

Providing that flexibility is nice. However, with the exception of groups, there is no reason that the current BP core components need to offer the ability to assign roles. Why would a user want to grant someone the right to control their personal content? Facebook and Twitter don’t offer users that option.

Blogs, which live outside of BuddyPress, are different of course. It makes sense to allow blog owners the ability to add helpers to their blog, to allow others to add content as authors or editors, etcetera. In BuddyPress, this type of collaboration is also currently possible with the group component.

But for all other core components, assigning additional roles seems like a bad idea as the focus is on individual users creating their own content which they alone control.

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