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Re: BuddyPress says themes are missing, but they aren't


You are not the only one with this issue. I have reinstalled this release about 6 times. By the numbers the first three to ensure I hadn’t missed a step.

I am trouble-shooting this bloody issue and pulling my hair out. Somewhere in the directives of one of these files, it is still searching for the themes at /wp-content/bp-themes, despite the instructions stating to delete that directory and point to the new structure in this release of 1.1.

If anyone figures this out, please post it up asap. I have been trouble-shooting all day and it seems this release was not stable. Kas3, no worries. You are not alone. I am debating digging into the code tonight, but am so annoyed with this right now, I may get back to it later.

I’ll keep you posted if I resolve it.

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