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Re: Buddypress theme for bbPress ?

John James Jacoby


Remember guys (and I realize this is no excuse) but neither BuddyPress nor bbPress are even 1.0 yet. As soon as function calls and display functions are finalized and tweaked for a stable 1.0 release, you’ll see tons of themes and templates and frameworks.

The opportunity currently exists for anyone with the time and motivation to swoop in and start blasting out themes for both platforms, but they would do it knowing that they may have to go back and redo some things after 1.0 is out.

I think right now everyone is waiting for the ball to drop, because no one wants to do the same work twice. I’d love to release my bbPress theme, but I have 0 time to answer questions about it or support it, and that’s not fair to anyone either.

Make sense?

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