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Re: Buddypress Total-Black-Out :(

Thanks to all of you. It seems like a very strange issue. I looked at the error logs and at the times I got the blank was nothing in there. All is exactly like you described it, Jeff.

But yes, it’s an install just for testing purposes for my main install that goes life in a couple of days – therfore it is not to critical.

I will delete everything and just start the install from scratch with a new DB. I am sure, that will work, cause until now all my three installs worked perfect from the beginning. I just messed up this one with a strange bug…

Thanks for all your time and thoughts. Maybe it was for you cracks like for “Doctor House” with a strange sickness. To solve a case is interesting. But we all have better things to do, so I go the install-from-scratch-way.

THX – Michael

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