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Re: Buddypress Total-Black-Out :(

Burt Adsit


We’re working in the dark here Michael. What is your installation config like? subdomain or subdirectory? Windows, Mac or Linux? Shared or dedicated hosting?

You have the latest mu 2.7.1 branch and the latest bp trunk installed correctly

You have deleted bp completely from /mu-plugins and installed it in /plugins/buddypress

You have your member theme in /wp-content/bp-themes

You have activated sitewide the buddypress plugin

Your wpmu install works perfectly. You can create new blogs and post to them.

You do not have *any* other plugins running at all.

After all the above is ‘yes’ you get a white screen when visting any url in bp or wpmu? You have to be getting errors. Make sure that your php.ini file is configured to report errors and you are looking where it’s reporting.

Is this the same host as the bp install that is working?

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