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Re: Buy themes

Jeff Sayre


I’m closing down this thread as you have the contact information of the OP if you are interested in their theme work.


You are going to have a difficult time selling your themes if you do not have an active website that demos your works for sale. Asking people to contact you via email so that you can then send them a theme once they’ve sent you money is always going to be treated with suspicion. You need to earn the trust of your potential clients first. Showing that you are serious about your work and supporting your potential clients after purchasing your themes is just one step toward earning their trust and their money.

Finally, as others have said within this thread, the community does not look favorably on those who only ask and do not give. When you have created a website that demonstrates your work, you should feel free to post a new thread with a link to your website. But please do not simply come here to paste overt, commercial messages.

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