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Re: Can someone help with Install Error


You said: `

I have a ticket on the Buddypress specific feeds already. Just have to watch this ticket: `

Is that 3 weeks old?

If anyone has a work around for this, let me know.


As far as the tracking down session.save_path in the php.ini and go chown to apache:apache ?? I’m assuming since I can’t find that file.(i.e., it doesn’t exsist in file manager) I would need someone to do some root access work. Because everything you just said is foreign to me.

I made another test user and all seems fine. I only saw that error in the first hour after the install. Any possability it just went away and won’t come back? I’m hoping.

Beside the Rss Feed Problem,

BuddyPress is great.. Very easy to change the css layout and locate files.

Sure would be nice to have member rss feeds though.

Looking forward to any new tweeks, plugins, etc…

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