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Reply To: Cannot access Account Settings under Users



same problem here, on wp mu 2.7,
plus after having ‘runned’ that file twice with same alert.wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-xprofile/admin-mods/bp-xprofile-account-tab.php (just to see what happen)

homepage (on ‘root’+ BuddyPress Home Theme) did appear without most of the previously selected widgets (only the center/middle coloum did ‘survive’).

funnily, so to speak, on the widgets board them appear deactivated,

the “self-deactivated” widgets (after the double run of ‘ bp-xprofile-account-tab.php ‘ or incidentally at the same time but for other unknown reasons)

  • Welcome
  • Members
  • Who’s Online
  • Site Wide Activity
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Groups

so all dinamic related plugs

Unafected widgets,in the Homepage, as this matter did possibily trigger homepage only (apparently)

  • pages
  • Recent post
  • Calendar
  • Search
  • Archives

I’ve reactivated the ‘rebels’ widgets on their original position, content and setting
were not affected by this incident

I will hide (//) that string, even if I’m quite sure that function was working up to this morning, when I had All in One SEO , Google XML Sitemaps , and Post to SimpleMachines Forum SMF plugin already working

I did a back up before to install:Add to Any: Share/Save/Bookmark Button- AJAX Comment Preview -OpenID – and SEO Smart Links,so I’m going to deactivate theese latests plug
and see what happen backing up of 4-5 hors.

please read this post as feedback.
cheers 🙂

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