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Re: Can\'t activate BP default theme

I have the same problem.

The buddypress default theme is not activateable since I upgraded to Buddypress 1.2, and is still not solved after upgrading to Buddypress 1.2.1.

I also get the message:

The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.

This error message apparently appears if the activated theme has no index.php or style.css

here is a snippet from the theme-php:


* Checks that current theme files ‘index.php’ and ‘style.css’ exists.


* Does not check the ‘default’ theme. The ‘default’ theme should always exist

* or should have another theme renamed to that template name and directory

* path. Will switch theme to default if current theme does not validate.

* You can use the ‘validate_current_theme’ filter to return FALSE to

* disable this functionality.


* @since 1.5.0


* @return bool


Our default theme is and should stay K2 for new users, so we can’t change that. But apparently we need an index.php which the buddypress default theme seems not to have.

Any Ideas?

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