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Re: Can’t create forum topics (WP 3.0-RC3-15260, BuddyPress

For my PRIVATE groups, I did the following to enable forums.

First, I reinstalled the forums from the dashboard (superadmin )

Then, from the buddypress nav bar, I followed
My Account > Groups > Admin >

Under the Admin submenu, I selected Group Settings and did the following:

UNchecked the “Enable discussion forum” checkbox
Clicked save
Checked the “Enable discussion forum” box
Clicked save AGAIN

That enabled forums in the private groups.

Still trying to figure out why these posts are not showing up in the main forum tab though…. ((scratches head))
Hope this helps someone else.

EDITED: Duh! The forums of private groups do not show up in the general forums page! Related, the site posted the phpMyAdmin version of the fix I outlined above:

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