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Re: Capitalize names in xprofile on input/signup



@Chouf1, the code is not for uppercasing; it’s making sure firstname and lastname are stored consistently in the different places where WP/WPMU/BP stores names.

Why is it too much to ask for consistently, reliably stored firstname + lastname in the WordPress world? Uppercasing should be part that imho. It’s utterly ridiculous to have to do that in CSS. Is that even official CSS? Do all browsers support it?

In most software for grownups firstname and lastname fields are at the top of the members/users table, part of the core of the application, the heart of member registration and management. In the WP/WPMU/BP world it’s a messy afterthought, stored halfheartedly in three or four different locations, in different ways, without any synchronization between them. Aaarrrggghhh.

Before a WordPress user account is activated, it is stored in the wp_signups table; there’s a meta field storing various things. Have you checked if its that one?

That’s one of the two places where the lowercase version of the name is stored. My code above updates names with uppercase in the usermeta fields.

My question is which code stores them in xprofile or wp_signups. Where should I apply my nameize() function to get clean names in xprofile?

Cleaning them up before they’re stored in wp_signups would do the trick as well, because I think the xprofile data is taken from there. I don’t think the wp_signup data is used for anything else later, so it has a lower priority to me.

Edit: Of course I’m not trying to uppercase all chars of the name, just the first ones, as used to be custom in western culture. FYI, here’s the nameize function I use:

function nameize($str,$a_char = array("'","-"," ")){
//$str contains the complete raw name string
//$a_char is an array containing the characters we use as separators for capitalization. If you don't pass anything, there are three in there as default.
$string = strtolower($str);
foreach ($a_char as $temp){
$pos = strpos($string,$temp);
if ($pos){
//we are in the loop because we found one of the special characters in the array, so lets split it up into chunks and capitalize each one.
$mend = '';
$a_split = explode($temp,$string);
foreach ($a_split as $temp2){
//capitalize each portion of the string which was separated at a special character
$mend .= ucfirst($temp2).$temp;
$string = substr($mend,0,-1);
return ucfirst($string);

Edit2: The CSS solution only works on the first name. The last name still starts with lowercase. Any easy CSS trick for that? I don’t think so.

Apparently the same CSS trick is used in this forum, which would explain why my “username” – cough, spit – is displayed as ‘Peterverkooijen’ instead of ‘peterverkooijen’ as I had entered it. Why is that kind of mess considered acceptable?

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