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Re: Categories Missing after BP 1.2.1 Upgrade

John Stringfellow


Final Update:


Thank you for your help. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you.

Secondly, for future reference for anyone that encounters this issue in the future. You may not have to reformat or restore or putz with your database. For my particular install, this was an issue of Category and Tag conflicts.

I starting this blog with tags denoting certain regions and counties in New Jersey. I later changed the organizational structure so that all my counties were in sub categories under regions of the state. I had never removed those original duplications. When I upgraded the install something caused the database to throw some weird issues. I also had a member that had begun to sneak in region and category tags in her listings that I had not caught.

There were also group tags that had the same region and county names in the database. This caused a triple instance of the same word in the database that I had not told the database how to deal with.

The solution for me came when I got the idea to remove all the instances of regions and counties in the tags. I then reorganized the categories. I set up a structure like so: Regions > Region name (North/Central/South) > County name (Atlantic…/Warren). This solved the conflict issue in the main blog and in the member sections.

I hope this helps someone in the future.


… Now onto the next challenge.

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