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Re: Changed “bphome” name and everything disappears!

Jeff Sayre



I’m sorry you’re having troubles with your theme folders. To be clear, I want to make sure that you realize that you were not, as you state:

advised to change my “bphome” name to preserve it in case of future BP upgrades.

I assume you’re talking about the discussion we had in this thread you asked:

I assume renaming the theme is simply changing the name of its folder?

I responded:

That is correct. Make a copy of the bpmember theme, rename your copy, make whatever changes you want to it, and you have–in effect–a custom theme! Just make sure you keep your new theme in the /wp-content/bp-themes/ directory.

Also, in this thread where I advised you to:

Follow the same procedure as before. Make a backup of the standard bphome theme, rename it to something new…

This means, rename your backup to something new, not change the name of the original theme folder.

Furthermore, as per a private conversation you initiated with me on May 6 via the members messaging system, I state that:

Make sure that you make a copy of both bphome theme and bpmember theme. Your customizations should be done in copies, not the original. That way, if you have issues with your custom themes (and we all do when working on customization), you can switch back to the standard BP themes to see how things should work.

And, as we were talking about CSS issues in that private message and you stated that you had WordPress theming experience, I assumed you knew that the primary style file in BuddyPress, style.css, would need to reflect your new theme’s name.

If you were confused by my advice, I do apologize. But, if you had done what I advised, you would have made a copy of the original theme and altered the copy. As I stated in my private message response to you, do not alter the original theme files.

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