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Re: Characters in usernames cause strange issues



Hrrm… That’s interesting, but the thing about my issue is that I would like to default to user_login and not user_nicename (user_nicename is causing the problem).

From your fix, I’d simply have to imagine that it should already be doing what I want, but it doesn’t. It attempts to always put in user_nicename.

It’s very confusing. It’s also very disappointing. BuddyPress seemed to have promise for a few applications at my university, but I’m not going to be able to use it effectively without being able to use usernames that essentially look like emails (they would be Shibboleth eppns).

I don’t get it, why is BuddyPress such a pain about usernames? If BuddyPress is a WordPress Mu plugin, it should work with any username that is valid in WordPress… I can only assume this is some kind of bug within BuddyPress itself, and I’ll continue treating it as such.

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