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Re: Characters in usernames cause strange issues



I’ve come to a resolution in the Bug Report I filed.

One foolish error on my part was placing the define statement in the wrong area of wp-config.php (after the “no more edits” comment).

Regardless, I think this has clarified the bug I was actually experiencing.

The BP_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE flag does stop the issues associated with periods in the username from occurring, as it appears to be designed to.

I’m running into an problem, however, where usernames with “@” in them are causing a very odd issue. For some reason if a username has an “@” in it, it will cause 2 problems I’ve found so far:

1.) Clicking on the “Create a Group” link takes you back to the BuddyPress home page

2.) Posting on your own wire does post the message, but for some reason redirects you to the BuddyPress home page after hitting post.

…I have to admit I’m a little baffled as to why there needs to be a “username compatibility mode”. Wouldn’t using the “user_nicename” for everything (except just literally displaying the username) sidestep any issues with the actual form of the username? I’m just speaking from my wealth of ignorance, but that just seems weird to me.

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