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Re: Clicked Deactivate Buddy Press now white screen appears



I’ve activated and deactivated BP in WPMU admin and had no problems with it. As stripedsquirrel listed above, to rephrase – “It’s very important to first deactivate any plugins that require BuddyPress to run before deactivating BuddyPress plugin. Otherwise, yeah, you will get white screen in frontend and backend.

As for upgrading, not to encourage any bad practices but just to share that I am in project development mode right now and I’ve upgrading both WPMU/BP from trunks almost every other day this December without deactivating any plugins and did not get white screen – except the upgrade to WPMU 2.9 beta 2 trunk when it added a commentmeta table for each blog in WPMU install and run . Solution: Running gave me back my frontend and backend.

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