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Re: CometChat – Facebook style chat for BuddyPress



@cometchat Do all of the packages have buddypress support on that page? Right now I have the skysa bar which is free so its not as good but I got it intergraded with my site except for the avatar and it dose not have friend support plus Im using there api which means no support as it is alter with the extra code. Im kinda leading towards the $49 but its branded but with skysa it cost me 99 a yr to not have branding. Which I dont plan to upgraded to. i just cant see how someone can pay and still have a branding? Then pay like 70 to remove it? This seems to be more priced to people who have a large site. Now if I had like 300 user I can see buying this but with only 3 of us who dont even use the bar we have now and the countless spam account joining everyday I think I will stick with skype in tell I get a large group of 300. So for now its in my book marks.

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