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Re: Community voting or decide alone ?



Hi Nico,

No, not a system to deliver \”stars\” or \”awards\”. A \”simple\” vote office, a place where i could publish one or more questions to the community or a specified group. For exemple, as admin of the group X, i want to know if my members need a collective blog or a meeting place or anything else. Instead asking each one by wire or message, i would ask this very publicly, on profile or on my admin menu or both…

Anyone can give his opinion and everybody can see who agrees or not.

At the end, a final note gives the tendancy or the majority.

So i could then decide if i give a blog to group X or not and nobody could says after, he wasn\’t warned or informed. And also, majority speaks, not only the keymaster.

In fact, something near a poll tool but more advanced and very public, with username near the response.

Make this sense in a \”social network\” ?

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