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Re: Complete Newbie Migrating from Ning

Steve Ford


Hey Robin! I also migrated from Ning to Buddypress. You will find the forum participants/moderators here to be quite responsive and informative. In fact, I have received hints from generous forum moderators that were very helpful in getting my blog setup. Basically, any question you search for on google with regard to setting up wordpress/ buddypress many times will point to this site. You will find that other people have asked similar questions and received answers from those who already know how to do it.

If you can get someone to help you set up a wordpress blog/website, then you can become accustomed to the admin control panel for wordpress. From there you can install the buddypress plugin and get your social network up and running. Ning webmasters still have till July to move it or lose it, so you have time to learn the wordpress/buddypress stuff.

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