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Re: Complete Newbie Migrating from Ning

I am also a NING refugee. I have done something a bit different. I have … before I migrate to any site, I am joining it, finding out the (service, response time, benefits , design capabilities, expansive capabilities, embed features of widgets, etc…) before I migrate any of my 500+ members to any of the sites.
I figure, out of the 15 + sites there will be only 1 or 2 that will care enough to walk me through a process and discuss the benefits of why their site is the place to bring people to.
Here is what I have: 2+ years ago, I started a network on NING called “Othello Club”. This is the best run othello community out there. It took thousands and thousands of hours from myself and my other admins to make it right. Then just as we were settling in a groove,….NING desides to charge for membership. My members will NOT pay a dime for this. I certainly am not going to foot the bil without retrobution. SO,… I was put in a situation like many NINGites, and have to search all over.
I started a place a year ago from Socialgo….too many limitations. I have a place on hold at 5 other places until I figure out where I can move our members to with the LEAST amount of distress.
Here is the current URL:
This will give anyone willing to assist me an idea of how far we’ve advanced. My other admin does the designing…I just complain if she merely makes it look like a newspaper page…hehehe (she’s wonderful, don’t me wrong).
I don’t know if this site offers creativity in that department…and that is important to me.
We also have java othello applets and don’t know if this site can support this either.

If you have knowledge on this site, and you think this site would not only support our 500+ members, (~25 new members monthly), please let me know.

Giovanni L. Barricelli (othello club)

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