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Re: Custom Default Member Page



Sorry to see nobodies felt the need to comment on this thread for a week friend. I’m having the same problem trying to figure this out. Without a fairly straightforward way to customize the default site page I’m going to be forced to look at alternatives to WPMU/Buddypress.

I’m sure theres got to be a way – i’ve seen examples of some cool buddypress sites – but my dream of MU and Buddypress being even close to as easy and straightforward as WP is are fading fast. It seems, still, like this set up is very much a patched together affair.

I don’t mind putting in some time…..Every script or combination of scripts has some learning curve. Maybe wordpress (just the blog) has spoiled me with its most excellent documentation and straightforward usage, styling, etc.. but I’ve been having drupal flashbacks for the last 24 hrs since trying to set up a WPMU/BP test site.

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