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Re: default crop avatar selection is not working

Brandon Allen


@intimez thanks for the info. What version of Chrome and Firefox are you using?

I said possible related, because who knows exactly what “can’t crop” means. It could mean they are completely unable to crop, or it could mean that it’s the same issue as you. That’s why it’s always good to give as much detail as possible. I am however inclined to agree with you since you’re having the issue on Chrome and Firefox.

As far as posting images on Trac, you just click the add attachment button. Make sure you fill in the “Description” box when adding an image so people know what they’re about to see.

From your images, it looks like you were uploading a transparent gif or png. Is this correct? If so, which one? If it’s a png file, is it 8-bit, or 24-bit? Would you mind posting, for download/testing, the actual image you used where you got the error. Along with this, do you get the error on every image you try, or was it just that particular image? I know that’s a lot of questions, but they help.

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