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Re: Demo site bp-groublog, bpcontents, bp-events, bp-invitefriends



bp-invitefriends is not activated yet, I still need to style it to match bp-defaut…I ported it over on a different theme. I probably just use the templates from the original and see how well they hold up.

As far as bp-events, I would suggest wp repository, that’s what I have installed on the Sandbox. I had set up a trac for it on my Dreamhost account, but they completely destroyed it while they “Upgraded” their services. I upgraded too and moved to HostGator, what a headache that was. In any case Erwin has setup a trac on his site I believe and he is continuing development.

My time is very limited, so I have to pick carefully what I do and not do. The basic strucure for bp-events works great and that was my intent to develop. With a bit of help from the community that plugin should reach a greater height.

By the way…I stopped by Great play on words and a nice design. I like the logo as well. So thumbs up.

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