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Re: Demo site bp-groublog, bpcontents, bp-events, bp-invitefriends



@Erich73, I think you will have to find or ascertain most of those answers yourself :)

The purpose of a demo site is for you to see if it holds up to the standard of what you think is ready to be used on a life server. Next step is to install it locally or on your own domain to dig deeper. In my opinion it is fine, since I don’t know about any major bugs. Do you find those same bugs on the demo site? Have you made an event there yet and tested for yourself? Have a try…some answers take some work from your own end, no pun intended.

Off course it will work with bp-events 1.2. It just requires a person and some time to style it. No core code needs adjusting, just the stylesheet afaik. If you now some css you are golden.

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