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Re: Email Activation not being sent in upgraded BP 1.2.2

Hi everyone!

So, a +1 request from me for the second point: “is there a way to implement a redirect or a message of some sort to users who have registered but not yet activated their account? At the moment, trying to login with one of the new not activated accounts simple sends the user back to the home page. Something along the lines of a “Your account still needs to be activated, please follow the instructions in the email sent to your address.”

I’m working for a client who is having a MAJOR freak out because logins that aren’t activated silently fail to the home page without an error message. For now, I just activated BP-DISABLE-ACTIVATION and am putting a captcha on the e-mail but it’s not an airtight solution; the client would still like to verify that an e-mail is legitimate.

If I’m looking in the wrong place, let me know. Many thanks! :)
– Ernie

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