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Re: email notification – changing the “from” setting



I guess everyone is focused on bp 1.2 and getting it off the ground. Having posted two forum topics on this, and not getting a reply, as well as a forum topic last year on the same thing, I guess it is up to me to “discover” how to solve this.

What I do know: it is NOT the ‘admin_email’ setting in wpmu, which you can find in the admin user area of wpmu in the general settings selection. You can also find that code in wp-includes in wpmu-functions.php The email address I would like to use is already set up there.

This leads me to believe it is a buddypress function. I have looked in bp-core.php, bp-messages.php, all the files in the bp-messages subdirectory. Nothing.

There must be a setting that says SMTP or phpmail or some other type of function that sends out the email notifications by using the default server email setting.

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