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Re: Email notification not working



ok, I have identified the culprit – the install giving me problems is one that I did the one-step install from my hosting admin that uses SimpleScript. I just did another test install manually, and everything works as it should.

but this creates a new problem: I have a live site w/ over 350 users, and that too was originally installed last September w/ SimpleScript. Those initial users were able to sign up, but somewhere along the way, that process broke.

So the question is this:

Can I do a manual re-install of WPMU over an existing install from SimpleScript? is it just a matter of uploading/over-writing the WPMU files? I’ll replicate my live site & database in a test directory, disable all plugins, and give it a whirl, and post my results here.

oh, btw, incase you’re wondering, I’m hosting on BlueHost. Their supprt is usually really good until it comes to WP and SimpleScript stuff, even though they’ve integrated it into their control panel.

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