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Re: Email notification not working

Ann Christine


Unfortunately I have the same problem as the two of you. I am running fresh installations – newest WPMU and BP.

It was running all fine.

Now I (admin) get no email notifications at all – users do not receive any either. The activation emails are not being sent. The WPMU ones are not sent out either.

I am using a catch-all email on my email host to be able to sign up with different emails on the same domain.

First thing I was thinking was whether BP or WP was thinking all this signup from the same email domain was SPAM and therefore closing down signups from my IP or whatever.

I have searched for answers and found this:

Apparently some hosts do not allow automated emails to be sent out.

(However, if my host do not allow this, how come it worked fine for two weeks?)

Only plugin I have installed is the cets-blog-defaults. I have tried to deactivate it, but it does not help.

This is really frustrating :(

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