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Re: Enterprise Buddypress



As long as a WP(MU) install “need” some files setted to 777 and some plugins too, it’s not possible to think seriously for an extended use of BP in entreprises. This security point is an absolute condition in many case… even on intranets.

Server power and space is the second important point.

As consultant and/or co-worker for several “big” BP projects in the past mounth, i can say today that the “community” part of the software is the least attractive to most decision makers. Why ? Because as soon as they hear about “comming together”, “sending message”, “sharing…” their personnal warnings are turning red: the workers “can” foment a revolution or something else in our enterprise ? So, these people want to be “à la page”, “facebook sensitive” and in the same time, do all to stay in their middle age. This is probably in relation with an old european mentality or a subtle french touch. But it’s like this (more or less) here.

As an example of a quasi standard usage of a BP 1.1.2/3, a very recent project now online: view here . (Sorry it’s in french). After a few days, the site register over 500 subscriber. Expected members: 20 000. Only some slug and filter tweaking and 1 or 2 plugin (sorry, don’t rememeber all the details yet)

EtherPad is now closed to new subscriber.

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