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Re: Extending BuddyPress with HTML5

Arx Poetica


10% (it might be less) makes not a majority. Actually, I’m kind of tired of the whole support ’em argument. Again, it’s a personal decision, but I’m done with IE6. Finis. End. Finale. Time to move on to more interesting things. I can see a need for it in some segments of consumerism, but I’m not in that market for the most part.

Actually, in a sense, I’m done with IE altogether, because the types of applications and platforms that interest me necessitate some rather advanced things, such as HTML5. That goes for JavaScript as well. Need it for my interests. Not interested in people who want to turn it off. (Though I do understand the accessibility argument on that front.)

Also: Google: look under the hood. It’s there. No need to read about it. Declared HTML5 doctype reads: <!doctype html> (Of course, their search engine homepage has other problems, imho, but who am I to critique The Goog.)

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