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Re: external-group-blogs & group-twitter doesn't work

Thanks – I didn’t know that. I updated to trunk now and it seems to work. I think there are some issues, still (at least in my install):

1. Twitter: The latest tweet showing is 4 days old… (many more tweets in the time between

2. Twitter & External-Group-Blog: In other languages – in my case german – the “Umlaute” like äöü are showing strange like ü (I guess this is an easy one :-))

3. External-Group-Blog: The latest rss-entry showing is about 3 days old – there were many others in between

4. The “view” of an item from those plugins does not show in the “normal” narrow-way, but is just in the group (but mybe that’s on purpose…)

A further suggestion:

Wouldn’t it be nice, when tweets with a @somebody wouldn’t be fetched/showed… It could be pretty confusing with ¨@somebodys from twitter and other ¨@username from buddypress…

But besides that: Thanks for the update. Great additions!!!

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