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Re: Facebook connect



Do we have a set of requirements for this plugin? Also, if we all chip-in, can it be made open source afterwards?

For me, a good feature set would be:

* On the signup page have a ‘Create an account using your Facebook details’ button so that information is already added when the users account is created.

* For existing users, a button they can press to connect their accounts up.

* New events on the BuddyPress site to be published on their Facebook account. So, what you would normally have on their profiles ‘Activity’ area, posted onto Facebook. Eg, “John created a new group on The BuddyPress Demo Site”.

* This activity ‘syncing’ can be configured from the users settings page on BuddyPress, so they can turn off activity updates.

* In the same settings page, the user can choose to either use their Facebook avatar, or their BuddyPress one

* Have a page like, and having the ability to ‘Invite your Facebook friends to BuddyPress Demo Site’, would be great.

Are there any other features people would like added? I won’t be the one building it obviously, but if we can have a set of features then we all know what we’re chipping in for! lol

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