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Re: Facebook connect

John James Jacoby


My brief experience with the Facebook Connect plugin for WordPress was that the necessary edits took away from the pluggable nature of WordPress plugins, and the file includes made the site feel pretty sluggish.

Fix those issues and it could be a super popular plugin.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this allow Facebook users that have not registered through your website to still login to your site as if they were verified users? I think when they do that, they are assigned a pseudo-name in the wp_users table, which then only allows them to sign in using FBConnect and nothing else, correct?

Call me a disbeliever, but while I can see the value in this, I also see how once it’s installed and relied upon, that you’re very much stuck with that method for those individuals.

What do you do when 4 years from now, no one uses Facebook anymore? (Friendster anyone?) If your site takes off, and those users have previously only used their Facebook id to login to your site, now they need to create a new duplicate profile without it.

Maybe I’m being selfish here, but I like my users to register with me, and keep their files and data within my sites.

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