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Re: Facebook connect

Not sure on the status, though I’m willing to help develop suggested “connect” plugin that could work w/facebook or myspace, given they’re both using openID.

@johnjamesjacoby – I agree. And I’d prefer a setup where a wp_user can have multiple external “connect” records … allowing that user to sync/interact with any number of other sites. It’d allow your users the ability to pull in their data or push their data to any networks of their choice. So I could log in from my myspace account or from my facebook account and still end up in the same unique account for the BP site.

I haven’t done any work w/BP yet, though very proficient in development and have worked on WP. I’ll be looking around to find a central development area/community for such a add-on or enhancement to the core. However, if anyone has any info or is working on it & reads this, please feel free to contact me. cheers!

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