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Re: Facebook Connect



Some more (debug?) info:

I noticed that on the BP Demo site the Connect button also disappears when you are logged in, which does not make much sense?

Also the popup window on has a URl starting with, while the link of my button starts with fb/com/login.php

I am logged in on FB and used both my site, FB as well as testbp from the same browser (FF).

Cheers, Harry


added: I noticed when using the FB connect on, I am logged in as my Fb name and a new account is created on So now I have two accounts there, as I had to log out of my existing account in order to see the connect button?

Andy, as you are the author and there is little documentation of the plugin, maybe you can clarify what parts of the above are intended functionality and what not, so we know what to test for and (not) report? Thanks!

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