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Re: Feature that MUST be included in next version for me..

With regard to the title: “Feature that MUST be included in next version for me..”

I’m in need of event listing. And if we look at how Facebook manage their event list, I think a pseudo-blog would also be a good base to build on. A “blog” that is open to any member to post and comment. The blog post is the event description. The blog custom field can hold specific informations: venue, RSVP, speaker, etc. The category system, tagging, etc. All is perfect, I think. Then we exclude/hide it someway so it’s not considered someone’s blog–to differentiate it with the real blogs.

Anyway, we’re all used to develop WordPress into anything we need aren’t we? 😆

@nicolagreco I think it looks like the same with the earlier version facebook status (without the status comment system)

In the previous revisions, buddypress hold each profile page as blogs. It’s not blog, it’s profile page but use the database structure like a blog. I came here in the end part of that stage of BP. I’m not sure the whole structure behind it.

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