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Re: Featured Groups Widget Problem

Jeff Sayre



This thread is about Mike Pratt’s Featured Groups Widget. This allows site admins to select certain BP groups to feature. It has nothing to do with individual members.

It sounds like you are talking about my Featured Member(s) Widget. If you are, you set a featured member by their unique ID, not by their username. When editing the widget’s parameters, it states “Member ID(s):” and “Separate member IDs by commas”.

A member ID is the unique number automatically assigned to each user by WPMU upon registration. You can find each member’s unique member ID (also called userid), by logging into WPMU and clicking on “Site Admin > Users”. Then, hover your cursor of a given member’s username and look at the link text. you’ll see this in the url “user_id=”. You can also obtain a user’s unique ID by looking at the “ID” field in the wp_users table in WPMU’s MySQL DB.

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