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Re: First experiments and I already need help :(



Hi you all,

well well, I’m almost there, I have installed my local xampp, I have configured the virtual host to have 2 subdomains.

I have installed the principal blog in one of these subdomain.

I have done this because it’s very likely what I’m going to do in the production server.

So instead to have installed the principal blog in the domain root I have installed in a subdomain as I said, so far so good.

Then I have create the second blog, but naturally WPMU proposed me to install it under Ok I have installed it anyway, but right after, using the setup panel, I have renamed all the entry to

It worked, meaning that in this way all the DB entries have been fixed and in fact works. The only problem is that, while I can login in the I can’t login in the second one. Both blogs have the same user shared as admin, but when I try to login the second one, nothing happens, it just reload again the login page, without any error.


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