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Re: Fixing Alignment



Backticks are like apostrophe’s slanted backward looks like this “` and you need to put a backtick before and another backtick after the code – like the page.php – for that to show up in forum webpage.

=== The following is the Forum.php which I need to change ===

That’s not the file you need to change if you want BP compatibility.
If you have gone through the BP Template Pack process, the pages you need to change are in folders which have been moved by the process to your active theme’s folder as listed here:
So per list above, the file you need to change is the forums/index.php file

You do need a working knowledge of HTML/CSS at least to effect the necessary changes. If you cannot do it at this time, you might want to wait for BP 1.3 where BP components are rendered in your regular WP theme if BP is activated. Or in the meantime, you could create a child theme of the bp-default theme (here’s how to ) and use that first.

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