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Re: Forum – cannot post in old groups

Jeff Sayre


Okay, we can rule out some strange server configuration issue.

If I remember correctly, you used to have bbPress running via deep integration but did not need any of that old data. The very first time you tried using the new one-click forum setup, did you choose the “Existing bbPress Installation” or the “New bbPress Installation” option?

Do you still have a backup copy of your old bb-config file? If so, then delete the current bb-config.php file by replacing it with your old bb-config.php file. Then go to the WPMU backend and visit “BuddyPress > Forums Setup” and click the “re-install” link. At this stage, it is worth a try.

Please note, using an “Existing bbPress Installation” does not really mean using the old bbPress files. It means use an existing bb-config file to setup bbPress with the bbPress files located in the new location. You will see this text at some point in the process:

BuddyPress will now use its internal copy of bbPress to run the forums on your site. If you wish, you can remove your old bbPress installation files, as long as you keep the bb-config.php file in the same location.

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