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Re: Forum hacking tip (and a plea to BP developers)



I’d be curious to hear more about what people miss about the bbPress admin panel. If it’s about activating plugins, I’m afraid that access to bb-admin.php won’t do any good. If the plugin is compatible with BP, then you should be able to put it in the WP plugin dir and activate it. But chances are good that it won’t be, as BP and bbPress are very different at the level of the template. bbPress plugins, at least the ones that have big surface effects, need to be rewritten to some extent to be compatible.

It was about activating plugins. At the time I wrote this post, I had no idea that the bbPress in BuddyPress was so different than the stand-alone bbPress. It’s clear now that the best approach is to adapt existing bbPress plugins to BuddyPress Forums, or write new ones.

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