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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS



Developers using faked host file domains

This only applies if you are developer with a PC and a development server and you are faking domains in your hosts file.

As part of the bbPress integration procress you have to login to wp-admin > bbPress forums and then you need to put in the URL of the bbPress forums so WPMU/BP can connect to them.

Now if you are using a faked domain from a hosts file on your PC but your code is on a dev server and that faked domain DOES NOT exist in DNS then you must add that faked domain to the hosts file of your dev server.

If you don’t WPMU will not connect to bbPress until that domain exists in DNS or you fake it on the server too. Because, you enter a full URL in the settings that allow WPMU/BP to connect to bbPress. The server looks up that URL, it doesn’t exist in DNS and therefore won’t connect.

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